Adderall Side Effects

Have you experienced Adderall side effects already? Most of the people who have been prescribed this drug are unaware of what it does to them and the Adderall side effects. It is even more alarming to the students who take it so that they can have more energy, get high or even lose weight. That is why if someone is taking Adderall without prescription they will have to be aware of the side effects of Adderall and the effects that this ADD / ADHD drug has for one’s personal safety and health.

adderall side effectsAdderall is an over the counter medication that is used to treat hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy.

People with deficiency hyperactivity disorder or ADHD which is used by most people have problems focusing, paying attention and having control of their own behavior. When they are given this drug, it is able to directly address this problem.

However, this drug is abused by many people and that is why special rules are put in place for those who are prescribing it. This is because many people and mostly students use it so that they can concentrate in class.

Unfortunately Most of the people who have been prescribed this drug also abuse it and they end up taking a higher dosage than they are supposed to. This can cause a lot of harm to them and they may end up experiencing negative Adderall side effects in the short term and developing other serious and possibly more permanent conditions in the long term. There are so many Adderall side effects that may be experienced by the people who take this drug that one should not just toy around with the idea of “just to getting high”.

Below Are Some Common Side Effects of Adderall

For the majority of those who do not have ADD / ADHD the common side effects of Adderall that may be experienced due to abuse or usage of Adderall are:

Loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping (also called insomnia), headaches, abdominal pains, increases in blood pressure, weight loss, emotional changes, dry mouth, dizziness, diarrhea, feeling of weakness, increase heart rate fever, nausea, upset stomach, vomiting, heartburn and infections (which include urinary tract infection)

These side effects are not considered serious and they will disappear after a short time has passed.

Serious Adderall Side Effects

These are the side effects of Adderall that one should report to the doctor once they start experiencing them and they include:

Confusion, suicidal thoughts, shortness of breath, depression, aggressive behavior, restlessness or agitation, fainting, chest tightness, chest pain, heart palpitations, suicidal thoughts, unexplained rashes, hives, possible seizures

These conditions are severe and they should be reported to the doctor immediately once one starts to experience them.

Rare Side Effects of Adderall

These side effects are very rare and one may not know if it is Adderall causing them or other conditions. These rare Adderall side effects include constipation, shakiness, sweating, impotence, tiredness or fatigue and decreased sex drive.

They may not be clear if it is Adderall causing them that is why it is good to consult the doctor when one gets them. The doctor can diagnose and tell one what the problem is and one may start the treatment and if it’s the side effects the doctor can give one a remedy.

Adderall Long Term Effects

These conditions are experienced by the people who have taken Adderall for an extended period of time. They may start experiencing some withdrawal symptoms when they stop taking the medication.

Some of these symptoms include fever, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, emotional changes, migraines, periods of depression and suicidal thoughts. These Adderall long term side effects are experienced mostly by the people who have abused Adderall.

Those who experience these things are advised to consult a doctor so that they can be looked at and given a remedy.

When one takes Adderall, one is not supposed to experience these types of conditions afterwards, which is why if one starts experiencing any of these side effects they should consult the doctor.

Those who abuse this drug should stop it because they are more prone to develop these issues than people who have been prescribed the drug due to ADD / ADHD. This is one drug that is not to be tampered with because it can cause very serious harm that can even lead to death. If one experiences any of the above, they are advised to consult a doctor immediately.

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