Frequently Asked Questions About ADDTabz & ADDTabz RX:

ADDTabz vs Adderall / Vyvanse / Ritalin / Modafinil / Strattera: How does it feel?

ADDTabz PillsThose that have taken ADDTabz compare it to a much cleaner feeling compared to ADD / ADHD prescription drugs like Adderall / Vyvanse / Ritalin / Modafinil / Strattera.

Your ability to concentrate and focus will increase without the jitters. Feeling will not be overwhelmingly intense but controlled.

Users report that they are socially awkward when taking ADD / ADHD drugs but don’t have that feeling at all using ADDTabz.

When ADD / ADHD prescription drugs wear off users tend to feel a level of laziness, depression and lack the focus to even think about getting anything done (especially those who are not diagnosed with ADD / ADHD). You will not feel that with ADDTabz.

Customers report that the feeling that you get from ADDTabz lasts from 3-6 hours. Although dosage is recommended at 2 per day some users only need 1 per day to maintain their focus, energy and high comprehension levels.

Users will definitely feel a difference and will be surprised at their increased levels of mental performance without the negative side effects!

Recommendation When You Take ADDTabz:

We highly recommend to take ADDTabz on an empty stomach or near empty stomach for the best results.

Having food in the stomach or eating while using ADDTabz tends to dilute the effectiveness of it so if you plan on having a meal it is recommended to use ADDTabz 1 or 2 hours after your meal or several hours before it.

Should ADDTabz be used to replace ADD or ADHD prescription drugs?

No. For those who have been diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) prescription drugs like Adderall / Vyvanse / Ritalin / Modafinil / Strattera are effective in dealing with symptoms of ADD and ADHD.

Thos that have not been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder but feel that they have mild levels or symptoms of it will love ADDTabz and what it can do for them in terms of focus, concentration, comprehension and getting things done.

For students and working professionals who are looking to safely attain higher levels of mental performance and cognitive ability they can take ADDTabz and avoid the negative side effects that come with ADD / ADHD drugs.

In regards to ADD/ADHD precription drugs where do ADDTabz and ADDTabz RX differ?

ADDTabz and ADDTabz RX are not meant specifically for those that already have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD but for those who:

  • Are not diagnosed with ADD/ADHD but show mild cases of it
  • Students who are looking for the ability to do better academically. Doing their schoolwork, maintaining focus in class, comprehending everything they are studying and get things done.
  • Professionals who are looking for the extra drive to focus on their work and put in long hours while being able to think on their feet better.

ADDTabz RX requires a prescription from your doctor but ADDTabz* provides the highest strength possible as a non-prescription pharmaceutical product.

*Certain countries outside the US will even classify the non-prescription form of ADDTabz as a prescription drug

Adderall is illegal to have if you do not have a prescription from your doctor. What about ADDTabz?

Buy ADDTabz OnlineWith ADDTabz you do not need a prescription nor will you get in trouble or have issues with the police for carrying ADDTabz.

You will not have any issues taking ADDTabz for school, work or everyday activities.

ADDTabz RX“, a stronger version of ADDTabz is prescription and you are not legally allowed to use it if you do not have a prescription.

ADDTabz, like Adderall is not allowed in professional athletics as it does provide the user an unfair advantage in improving one’s concentration, focus, mental capacity, energy levels and drive as opposed to other athletes who are not on it.

Will people build a tolerance to ADDTabz like Adderall / Strattera / Vyvanse / Modafinil? I don’t want to have to increase dosage amounts just to get the same effect long term.

You are correct. People taking ADD / ADHD prescription drugs (Adderall / Vyvanse / Ritalin / Modafinil / Strattera) do build up tolerance very quickly and do need to increase dosages over time as recommended by their physician.

The problem with this is that initially the side effects were minimal (mild depression, some nausea, possible vomiting) now they are experiencing much higher levels of each of their symptoms when coming off the effects of the drugs.

Remember that if you start at 10mg of Adderall eventually it will not be as effective so you will need to increase to 25mg at a later date. At that point you will feel a dramatic increase in negative side effects when coming off of it which are not pleasant at all.

In regards to ADDTabz, your body will not build a tolerance to it like people normally would when taking ADD / ADHD drugs. You can maintain the same dosage indefinitely to get the same cognitive enhancing effects and energy levels WITHOUT the negative side effects you will have from prescription ADD ADHD drugs.

Are we allowed to sell our own ADDTabz pills to family and friends from the bottle that I purchased?

We would highly recommend not doing that. ADDTabz is a pharmaceutical product and although it is a non-prescription drug it still requires that the user educate themselves on the usage and purchase of ADDTabz.

You are not allowed to sell individual ADDTabz pills to others. Each purchase of ADDTabz is allowed for use of the buyer only.

The active ingredient in ADDTabz (Ampheta-CDP) is a strong amphetamine synthetic analog and is restricted from being distributed to others.

Where Can I Buy ADDTabz cheap? An ADDTabz Coupon Code for US customers?

Yes, if you purchase (2) 40 count bottles of ADDTabz you can get free UPS Ground shipping (save $8.95) by entering the ADDTabz coupon code:

Not only will you receive a discounted price for purchasing 2 bottles (already a $12 discount) you will receive free shipping ($8.95) for a total of $20.95 in savings!

This is the lowest price to buy ADDTabz cheap anywhere.

Does ADDTabz help you lose weight like Adderall weight loss does?

Adderall weight loss is very real and people do lose weight from taking it. ADDTabz does have an appetite suppressing effect as well but was not formulated for that ADDTabz weight loss purpose specifically.

Gentech Pharmaceutical’s other product, non-prescription PhenTabz was developed specifically for real fat loss, higher energy levels, greater fat metabolization, incredible appetite suppressant and overall positive mood. PhenTabz is an incredible weight loss product (real fat loss not water weight loss) that provides the most effective results and without the side effects of prescription weight loss drugs.

If you are looking specifically for the best weight loss results then you have got to buy PhenTabz! Watch the real PhenTabz testimonials / PhenTabz results on the site and decide for yourself.

Also developed by Gentech Pharmaceutical, PhenTabz Teen (Teen weight loss pills product ) is also available for teenagers from ages 14+. PhenTabz Teen is limited to 1 bottle per order. This is to prevent abuse of the product by teenagers as the focus should be on a sensible diet and a moderate exercise regimen for weight loss.

Does Gentech Pharmaceutical sell ADDTabz in other countries? ADDTabz Canada? ADDTabz Australia? ADDTabz UK?

Gentech Pharmaceutical ships from their headquarters in Fort Myers, Florida via UPS Ground in the US and UPS International / DHL for international shipments. They will ship to most countries worldwide as long as there aren’t any restrictions on the ingredients in ADDTabz, PhenTabz or PhenTabz Teen.

ADDTabz Canada: There is a restriction of 3 bottles of ADDTabz (or PhenTabz) per shipment into Canada but customers needing more can simply place multiple orders.

ADDTabz UK: No restrictions to buy ADDTabz online for shipping to the United Kingdom

ADDTabz Australia: Currently, there are no restrictions to buy ADDTabz online for shipping to Australia.

How long will it take to receive my order of ADDTabz (or ADDTabz RX)?

When you buy ADDTabz online your order will ship in less than 24 hours. Orders may sometimes ship the same day if placed before 1pm Eastern Standard Time.

Orders ship from Fort Myers, Florida so residents in Florida will most likely receive their order within 1-3 days. For the rest of the orders across the US it will take from 2-7 days time to arrive.

For ADDTabz RX you will only be able to obtain them through a prescription from your doctor.

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