Should you try smart drugs like ADDTabz? If you’re a student, an at home parent, an employee / worker at the office / warehouse or in any environment and even a retiree we all need that boost in the morning and especially in the afternoon right after lunch then taking ADDTabz will give you just that.

It can dramatically boost your productivity and focus almost immediately for hours on end. 1 tablet amplifies your focus for over 5 hours or more. A very clean form of focus and motivation without the jitters. You will be more productive and get more done than you would normally do without it.

The “GET IT DONE NOW” Factor

Buy ADDTabz OnlineLet’s face it. Our motivation to get things done starts to wane as we get older. Remember those days where we had endless focus and could work and work and work tirelessly to get the job or projects done right?

You can bring back that same level of motivation again.

Almost like it changes your ‘self-talk’ from “I’ll do it later…” to “Let’s get it done NOW!”. Have you ever felt a 180 like that in a product?

It certainly can make a HUGE difference in how productive your day turns out to be. Something not to be taken lightly and also something that many people overlook.

You are constantly being more and more active to getting things done when your self talk changes and after channeling your efforts for several hours you realize that you’re more ahead of the game and it feels euphoric. An amazing feeling when you take real action.

Smart Drugs: Benefits of ADDTabz

We all have things to do each and every single day and when taking this pharmacological product developed by Gentech Pharmaceutical it feels like it activates the drive and urgency in you to get things done.

  • Increase Your Ability To Focus
  • Boost Your Concentration Levels
  • Higher Motivation To Take Action
  • Stronger Sense Of Urgency To Get Things Done
  • Elevated Energy Levels
  • Much Better Comprehension
  • Positive Outlook
  • DOES NOT Require A Prescription
  • Without The Negative Adderall Side Effects
  • For Young Adults Ages 18 and Up

Dosage: Take 1 tablet 30 minutes before breakfast with an 8oz glass of water.

Users also report that they feel the effects 10-15 minutes after taking it and the effects may last from 4-6 hours before tapering off.

Although it is stated to take 2 tablets per day some users only take 1 tablet per day as it gets them though the entire workday before heading home.

**Note about Adderall Weight Loss: Some users have reported a stronger sense of appetite suppression similar to what users experience in Adderall weight loss when taking ADDTabz.

The appetite suppression is not as strong but strong enough to where there is loss of appetite. You will feel less desire to eat or feel that you can eat at a much later time.

However, the more effective product developed by Gentech Pharmaceutical for weight loss is PhenTabz which are incredible and safe for real fat loss results.

Not Just For Adderall Users But For Everyone Else

ADDTabzPeople think that ADDTabz might be just for those who are looking for an alternative to Adderall which couldn’t be farther from the truth. It is for anyone who needs that extra push to move forward and start working on your “to do list”.

Keep in mind that you do not need to have used Adderall before or ever used any ADD / ADHD prescription drugs (such as Adderall, Vyvanse, Strattera, Concerta, etc.) in your life to try ADDTabz. Albeit it makes an excellent alternative to Adderall for those who just take it to study for midterms & exams or get work done.

Don’t fall into the hype of taking Adderall to study. Users of Adderall, Vyvanse, Strattera, Concerta, etc. who don’t have ADD / ADHD report headaches, nausea, vomiting, depression when coming off those prescription drugs.

Those are just short term effects and taking those prescription drugs over time will cause your body to become more tolerant to the point where you need to take higher doses of those prescription drugs for the same effect.

When you take higher dosage your negative side effects are far, far worse to where the next day you feel terrible and crummy.

Smart Drugs: Control The Outcome Of Your Day

Each day you have a choice. You can be very effective, focused and productive or you can sit around thinking about what you might do but end up doing nothing at all.

With “Smart Drugs” or nootropics like ADDTabz it can help people to achieve that state of mind where they can fully concentrate, focus and stay motivated throughout the day to get things done, stay on track and finish their tasks.

It truly makes it a lot easier when your motivation is there. Can ADDTabz help you? Sure it can.

Experience it and find out what a difference it can make in YOUR DAY……without the negative side effects AND without requiring a prescription. Buy ADDTabz today!

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