Concerta Side Effects

Concerta is a prescription medicine containing methylphenidate that is useful in the management of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Concerta Side EffectsThe product is available as extended release tablets in four different strengths i.e. 18 mg, 27 mg, 36 mg, or 54 mg of methylphenidate. Concerta can be prescribed to children as well as adults. The selection of strength depends on the severity of the disease and age of the patients.

This article discusses important information regarding Concerta, which will help the consumer in understating their medicines.

Who Uses Concerta?

This drug is used by the children and adults suffering from ADHD. ADHD patients suffer from inattentiveness due to hyperactivity. Symptoms of ADHD generally initiate from the age of 7 and impair the learning process due to inattentiveness.

It helps the patients of ADHD to focus on a particular task by stimulating the brain and is a controlled substance which is available only on the prescription of a practicing doctor.

Methylphenidate blocks the degradation of neurotransmitters (biochemicals required for proper nerve transmission), thereby stimulates the brain. The stimulant effect of concerta helps the patient in focusing and learning the things easily.

Concerta dosage varies depending on age:

  • Children Ages 6-12 Years old
  • Adolescents Ages 13-17 Years old
  • Adults Ages 18-65 Years old

Starting Concerta dosage ranges from 18mg per day and up but will be dependent on the prescribing doctor’s recommendation but should not exceed 72mg per day.

Who Should NOT Take Concerta?

Children or adult with hypersensitivity to any component of Concerta should not use the medicine. Patients with frequent episodes of anxiety or phobias are not recommended to use the drug. Patients who have taken anti-depressant medicine in last 14 days should not use it as well.

What Are The Side Effects Of Concerta?

Regular consumption of the drug has been reported to have some serious and fatal Concerta side effects like cardiovascular and psychiatric problems. It can lead to increase in heart rate and blood pressure. Patients already suffering from the heart disease may experience sudden episodes of heart attack or heart failure which may lead to death.
Incidences of mood changes or behavioral changes are common in the patients taking it. Parents of the children taking the medicine should carefully watch for any impairment in vision or hearing.

Concerta Abuse

Concerta abuse is very real. Upon regular use the body may get habituated to the drug and increased doses may be required to get the desired effect. Regular increase in doses may lead to increased side effects of Concerta. The patient should consult a doctor if regular increasing dose is required.

It can be an abusive drug and may lead to addiction unknowningly, especially in children. Parents should supervise the consumption of medicine and inform to doctor if the consumption is increasing too rapidly.

How To Discontinue Concerta?

When on the medication, it cannot be stopped abruptly. Abrupt discontinuation of Concerta may lead to withdrawal syndrome which leads to aggravating the symptoms of ADHD. The dose of Concerta should be tapered down slowly before discontinuing it entirely.

Other Alternative Medications For ADHD

Medicines for ADHD are mostly stimulant drugs with similar abusive properties and side effects for e.g. amphetamine, dextroamphetamine, and atomoxetine. Treatment of ADHD requires an individualized approach. A drug that works for one person may not work for another. Similarly, patients having side effect with one stimulant drug may fare well with the other. Patients should consult with their doctor regarding alternative options for treatment of ADHD.

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