Energy Drinks Side Effects

Are there actually energy drinks side effects? An energy drink is the term used for the beverages that claim to provide extra energy and alertness to its consumer. Energy drinks are available in US since 1990s; however, the use of energy drinks has been increased exponentially in the last two decades due to aggressive marketing by the manufacturers.

Energy Drinks Side EffectsConsuming energy drink is thought to be a safe way to promote overall energy and alertness.

Actually, regular and long term use energy drinks are associated with some serious energy drink side effects.

Moreover, there have been reports of hospitalizations due to consumption of large quantity of energy drinks at a time.

Incidences of energy drink side effects are continually increasing since last few years. Here we take a look at the content of energy drinks and energy drinks side effects.

What Is In Energy Drinks?

Caffeine is the most common ingredient of the energy drinks. Caffeine is a stimulant drug that improves overall alertness and well-being of the person consuming it. However, caffeine does not have any energy providing properties. Other common ingredients are vitamins, sugar, artificial sweeteners, taurine (a biochemical thought to be involved in energy generation) and herbals like guarana, ginseng yohimbine etc.

Energy Drink Ingredients:


Caffeine is the most commonly blamed ingredient to be responsible for the side effects observed with the energy drinks. Manufacturers of energy drinks claim that caffeine is also present in “tea and coffee” and hence it is safe; Caffeine content per serving of a tea or coffee ranges from 48 mg to 240 mg; whereas most of the energy drinks have been found to have caffeine content as high as 294 mg per bottle. Moreover, herbs like guarana also have very high caffeine levels.

Long Term Side Effects of Caffeine

Side effects of caffeine may initiate after consumption of 200 mg of caffeine. Side effects of caffeine include nausea, headache, increased heart rate and cardiac arrhythmia. It has been reported that caffeine has potential to increase the stiffness of arteries and veins leading to increased blood pressure.

Also, this may lead to long term side effects like hypertension (high blood pressure), stroke, and increased risk of death due to heart diseases.

Long term use of caffeine has been associated with physical dependence which is defined as increased requirement of caffeine over time to have the same effect. Increased consumption of energy drinks due to physical dependence increases the risk of caffeine toxicity.

Sleep Deprivation

Long term use of energy drinks has also been associated with sleep disturbances. A survey conducted by Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, USA) has shown that person using more than 4-5 bottles of energy drink regularly have sleep duration of about 4 hours per day.

Sleep deprivation is itself a risk factor for many lifestyle disorders like depression, mood swings, decreased concentration, diabetes, obesity, hypertension and other heart conditions.

Weight Gain

Putting on weight but don’t know why? You might want to take a look at the energy drinks that you’re having on a daily basis. In addition to caffeine, these types of drinks may be loaded with empty high fructose corn syrup / simple sugars.

You’re just racking on the calories day in and day out thinking that you’re getting a boost of energy and that’s it…but in reality, you’re adding to your waistline without even eating any fast food.

Combining Energy Drinks and Alcohol

It is common habit of consuming energy drinks and alcohol. Because of the false alertness produced by the energy drinks, a person drinking alcohol does not realize the masked effects produced by the alcohol may lead to increased alcohol consumption. This may lead to liver cirrhosis and other fatal conditions over time.

Tips To Avoid Energy Drinks Side Effects
  1. Do not consume energy drinks too regularly (once in a while)
  2. Check the caffeine content before purchasing the energy drink
  3. Check the sugar content in the energy drinks that you’re consuming
  4. Do not combine energy drinks and alcohol
Coffee and Alternatives To Energy Drinks

Alternatives to Energy DrinksHow much do you spend every single day on coffee or on energy drinks just to stay awake during work?

About $3-$6 per day depending on how much you drink right?

What about the time you spend buying the coffee or head out to the supermarket or convenience store to buy your energy drinks?

What about the gasoline you’re using? We know that isn’t getting cheaper anytime soon.

You’re spending time, gas and effort to have those drinks each day and they are filled with calories to add to your waist line. You wonder why you are putting on weight so easily.

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